Counterpoint, a Translation of Kontrapunkt by Heinrich Schenker, Books I and II. Translated by John Rothgeb and Jürgen Thym. Edited by John Rothgeb.

2 volumes, 306, 396 pages, hardcover, 2001.
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ISBN 0-9678099-0-8 (set)
ISBN 0-9678099-1-6 (vol. 1)
ISBN 0-9678099-2-4 (vol. 2)

An unabridged, corrected reprint of Schenker's essential work on counterpoint (Part 2 of Neue Musikalische Theorien und Phantasien), in the definitive English translation, first published in 1987 by Schirmer Books. Many emendations have been made to the text and musical examples, in consultation with the editor. Cover price is well below that of the original edition.


Introduction to the Theory of Heinrich Schenker: The Nature of the Musical Work of Art, by Oswald Jonas. Second English Edition. Translated and edited by John Rothgeb.

208 pages, hardcover, 2005.
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ISBN-10: 0-9678099-3-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9678099-3-9

A student of Heinrich Schenker and a major theorist in his own right, Oswald Jonas (1897–1978) wrote this introduction in 1934 as Schenker's theories were reaching their final form, later revising it in 1972. Widely admired not only for its sensitivity to Schenker's work, but for Jonas's own original insights and broad knowledge of the repertoire.

John Rothgeb has revised his outstanding English translation of Jonas's text. It has been newly designed and typeset, with improvements to many of the musical examples. A new appendix has been added containing a list of works by Oswald Jonas.

“Unexpectedly courageous, convincing, felicitous in the choice and solution of the examples.” — Heinrich Schenker


Phrase Rhythm in Tonal Music, by William Rothstein.

349 pages, hardcover, 2007.
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ISBN-10: 0-9678099-4-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9678099-4-6

A reprint of the indispensable study of musical phrases, their combinations and modifications, and their relation to musical meter and form. Includes four case studies examining the styles of Haydn, Mendelssohn, Chopin, and Wagner. New preface added by the author.

Phrase Rhythm in Tonal Music seems to me to be more musical, more intelligently conceived, and better written than the vast majority of books that deal with music in a technical way. . . . excellent.” — Carl Schachter

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